Plan Your Visit

Helpful Hints for an Enjoyable Experience
  • Be sure to arrive 20 minutes before your performance. This helps us get you seated and ready for the show!
  • Take a bathroom and a drink break before the lights go down and the show begins.
  • Don’t bring any snacks, drinks, or gum into the theater. These things might distract you during an important part of the story.
  • Be sure to laugh as loud as you can at the silly things on stage – but be sure to whisper quiet as a mouse if you want to ask your parent or friends a question.
  • When the play is over, show your appreciation with hearty applause. These are the sounds that warm the hearts of actors.
  • To protect our friends on stage-please wait to take any pictures until you are in the lobby and they can pose with you.

A Note for Bus Drivers:
Student drop-off is located on Mainstreet between 11th and 12th Avenues. Please STAY ON YOUR BUS. A Bus Wrangler will come on to your bus, collect your Field Trip Head Count Form and take you into the theatre. Buses can park at Maetzold Field during the performance. Buses may not block public bus stops, or idle in any areas marked as NO PARKING. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The Role of the Audience
The audience has an important role in the theatre. When the lights go down, a performance especially for you begins. This special relationship only happens in live theatre. When you take your seat, you accept the responsibility of a special agreement.

  • Believe what happens is real. It is happening live, before your eyes!
  • Listen carefully and quietly.
  • Let the production unfold.
  • Respond honestly and sincerely. The actors are aware of your presence and your responses.
  • Tune in to what is happening on the stage.
  • Remain polite throughout the performance.

See what else Hopkins has to offer!
  • Grab a bite to eat at THIRTY BALES (formerly Big10) either before or after the show.
  • Get a pre-show or post-show treat at AMY’S CUPCAKE SHOPPE!
  • Head over to Munkabeans for a coffee or tea, before or after the show.
  • Visit KIDDYWAMPUS for art classes, and that great gift for your special little person!